I’ve dated men of all kinds — tall ones, short ones, fit ones, chubby ones, rich ones, poor ones, artists, businessmen, artists who think they’re businessmen, businessmen who think they’re artists — I could go on.   (I’ve even been proposed to… twice. But both times it was all because they wanted to stay in the country.)

I’m very open minded when it comes to dating. You can’t really judge a book by its cover and I trust until you give me a reason not to — or in the case of a recent ex — a lot of reasons not to.

But the ultimate deal breaker for me is being boring. That’s right. I just can’t handle it.

I would much rather be in a quasi-relationship with any combination of the above types than with someone who is boring.

So what is “boring” in my book? It’s someone who lacks passion. Someone who isn’t excited…about anything. They simply go through the motions and do what they’re told. There’s no sparkle in their eye. No personality. Maybe they had one at some point in their life, but society beat it out of them.

A lot of these boring types have it made in other areas — like their finances, for instance. And they might go to the fancy galas and hottest new restaurants but they’re missing the one thing money can’t buy — that fire.

What’s the point of having a ton of money if you’re not able to fully enjoy it because you’re not passionate? About anything?

I’d much rather be with someone who has passion and is working towards a goal — whether they have little money or a ton of it.

I guess most of the boring types I’ve encountered have just stopped trying. And when you stop trying, you stop living.

Is there a cure for being boring? I’m not sure. I guess one can start by getting really quiet and listening to their heart, because everyone’s heart yearns for something. It’s just that some of us are better at listening than others.

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