I believe life should be fun and that includes work.

Telling great stories, bringing people together, making a positive impact on the world, learning for the joy of it, and using my gifts for a greater good — these are all the things that make me tick.

I’ve worked as a newspaper editor. A red carpet reporter. A singer. A voiceover artist. An agency copywriter. An entrepreneur. A content strategist. A travel writer. A photographer. A website designer. And now I’m training to be an actor because, why the heck not?

At the end of the day, creativity is my currency and its value increases the more I open myself up to new experiences, new people, new mediums and new challenges.

Some people build entire careers focused on one industry or one company and the world needs those people for the value they bring. But the world also needs people who’ve worn different hats because they can see a bigger picture. They can breathe new life into old ways of doing things.

Sacrificing career stability for the sake of multiple baptisms by fire hasn’t always been easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

No matter what client I’m working with or what project I’m apart of — I’m able to bring a uniqueness of perspective and experience that no one else can replicate. And I have a blast doing it.

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