‘The Artist’s Way’ Workshop

I am thrilled to announce that I’m hosting a free, online workshop (aka creative cluster) to work through Julia Cameron’s seminal book and creative recovery course, “The Artist’s Way.”

For 2024, the workshop begins Monday, January 22nd and will run through April 8th from 7PM EST to 9PM EST.

To sign up, click here.

To purchase a copy of “The Artist’s Way,” click here.

Note: I am not teaching the book—I’m merely facilitating the discussion as a fellow artist. We’re going to work through this together!

What is “The Artist’s Way”?

The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron is a self-help book designed to guide individuals in unlocking their creativity and overcoming creative blocks. Published in 1992, the book has since become a popular resource for artists, writers, and anyone seeking to cultivate their creative potential.

The central theme of “The Artist’s Way” is the concept of recovering one’s creativity through a 12-week program. Cameron introduces the idea that everyone is inherently creative, but various life experiences and societal conditioning can stifle that creativity. She believes that by tapping into our creative wellspring, we can lead more fulfilling and authentic lives.

“The Artist’s Way” has gained acclaim for its accessible and encouraging tone, making it applicable to individuals from various artistic disciplines and levels of experience. Cameron draws on her own experiences as an artist and shares anecdotes from her life, creating a relatable and inspiring narrative.

What are some tools we’ll be using to recover our creativity?

The cornerstone of Cameron’s approach is the practice of morning pages. This involves writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts every morning as a form of creative brain dumping. The goal is to bypass the inner critic and connect with the subconscious, allowing fresh ideas and insights to emerge.

Another key component of the program is the artist date, a weekly excursion or activity undertaken alone to nurture and replenish the creative spirit. Whether it’s visiting a museum, taking a nature walk, or exploring a new hobby, these solo adventures are intended to spark inspiration and rekindle a sense of playfulness.

You can learn more about these and other concepts in this post.

What will I need to attend The Artist’s Way workshop?

  • A copy of “The Artist’s Way” book by Julia Cameron
  • A notebook and pen for your morning pages and other notes you may want to write down during our discussions
  • An internet connection
  • The most recent version of the Zoom app installed on your computer or mobile device

Have questions? Feel free to email me here and I look forward to meeting you on January 22nd :)