Reawakening the artist within…

Four years ago, I transitioned into agency life as a copywriter, and it’s opened up a whole new universe of creativity.

For one, I’m telling stories across mediums: print, digital, television, radio, social media, events, experiences, etc.

And in this industry, creativity is currency. My job is more than writing copy— it’s coming to the table with big ideas that move people.

Doing that takes creative muscle and through tapping into it at work, my inner artist has been reawakened to make art of my own again.

The feeling of stepping into that realm is equal parts empowering and terrifying.

With my podcast, when I say I want to make creativity accessible to all, I include myself in that. This is for me just as much as it is for you.

So many feelings come up on the creative journey that aren’t often talked about, but the more I talk with my fellow artists and makers, it turns out we all experience similar challenges.

Music has been calling to me the most in this exploratory process as well as acting. Will I record new music? Most definitely. Will I write and produce a film? Heck yes. Do I know when all of this will happen? No idea—that’s for my Creator to decide, and that’s okay. The first step is the podcast.

I’ve never been this comfortable in my own skin and never so in love with the sheer joy of creation. Making is a reward in itself and being able to say that and fully mean it is the ultimate success in my book. Let the adventure begin. :)