Looking for some new creativity quotes to inspire you on your creative journey?

Before I started the podcast, I kept encountering the same quotes over and over again about creativity. There was so much more I wanted to discover.

Since launching the Creative Space Podcast a few months ago, so much wisdom has been shared about creativity. From musicians to actors to screenwriters to entrepreneurs, everyone has something unique to contribute to our collective understanding of creativity and the creative process.

I came into the Creative Space Podcast without really knowing what to expect, but I myself have grown so much through each conversation. I had no idea that these discussions around creativity would go beyond the art itself to touch on themes like creativity and grief, creativity and play, creativity and confidence, and even creativity being what makes us human. (Okay, well that last one, I had written about already, but I love the quote Jezabel brought to the table in her interview about defying creative categorization.)

I thought it would be a good idea to gather all of creativity quotes from the podcast in one place so that they’re easily accessible. I’ll be updating this post periodically as new episodes are released. Enjoy!

1. “Grief is not linear.”-Avi Wisnia

quote about grief and creativity

2. “Take pleasure in your creativity.”-Julia Dawson

quote about taking pleasure in art

4. “Each of us is one of God’s ideas.”-Nick Sosin

quote about God and creativity

5. “Human being, human doing, human loving, human dreaming.”-Jezabel Careaga

6. “A man who never took a chance never had a chance.”-The Real Sam Jones

7. “Creativity puts you in a zone that disconnects you from the material world.”-Steve Addabbo

quote about getting in the zone creatively

8. “Play is the best case scenario of what creativity can be.”-Brian Clark

creativity and play quote

9. “I’m able to say things people think but don’t have the emotional vocabulary to say.”-Calvin the II

quote about being an actor and helping audiences feel