On today’s episode of Creative Space, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Lynn Robinson Esq., a respected professional speaker and authority in strategic networking, leadership, and workplace relations whose life narrative is as stirring as it is enlightening.

After being hit by a truck and suffering a traumatic brain injury, Jen shares her arduous journey to recovery and the role creativity played in helping her transition from working as a corporate attorney to building a life and career she loves as a speaker and lifestyle and communications expert.

Jen opens up about the physical and emotional battles she waged following the accident, including her struggle with PTSD and the uphill task of surpassing expectations while still healing. She also talks about how leaving the corporate world post-accident to pursue life as an entrepreneur actually helped her in the healing process.

In addition, we touch on Jen winning Mrs. Classic Universe, what the experience was like, and redefining what a pageant queen looks like.

Finally, Jen has a book coming out before the holidays, so stay tuned for that.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. I say it in the podcast but I’m saying it here as well—Jen is such an inspiration and such a light. There’s so much to learn from this conversation. Enjoy!

For more on Jen, visit: jenniferlynnrobinson.net and check out her TEDX talk here.

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2:30—Being the first-born daughter of immigrant parents

3:13—”Take advantage of the opportunities we have being born in America.”

5:20—Jen’s first creative pursuits

6:33—What sparked her interest in law

9:00—The accident that changed the course of her life

12:03—Grieving the life she once had

15:10—The road to finding her power and voice

18:30—Becoming an entrepreneur out of necessity

22:37— “I don’t have to be perfect to be impactful.”

23:02—Jen’s definition of creativity

25:50—Winning Mrs. Classic Universe

31:00—Rebranding her website and upcoming book