In this episode of Creative Space, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned after podcasting for one year.  We’ll be reminiscing about the birth of this podcast, influenced by my journalism background and lifelong passion for the arts. More than just a platform for sharing insights about creativity, this podcast has morphed into a personal chronicle of my rekindled journey as an artist.

As we celebrate this one year milestone for Creative Space, I’ll be sharing some candid learnings from my first year as a podcaster. Tune in as we discuss the demanding time commitment of running a podcast, the need for consistency, the joys of the creative process, and the unexpected personal revelations the podcasting journey triggers. This episode is a treasure trove of tips, lessons learned, and a healthy dose of inspiration for anyone on the brink of starting their own podcast.

Enjoy :)

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0:48—The spark of the idea

2:07—How the podcast quickly evolved

2:58—The amount of work involved


5:18—Allowing your podcast to evolve

6:36—Getting personal

7:30—Learning about yourself

8:32—Thoughts on social media

9:18—Perfection vs. progress