On this episode of Creative Space, in honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month, we chat with Jessica Keenan Smith—epilepsy warrior, advocate, and  founder and CEO of the website Living Well with Epilepsy.  Listen as we explore her inspiring journey, from navigating her diagnosis to using her creativity to create a platform for positivity and support.

Jessica’s story is one of resilience and strength, as she shares her experiences growing up with epilepsy, the limitations that it brought, and the unexpected positives that came out of living with the condition. She emphasizes the need for a competent neurologist who understands your unique needs and a strong support system to manage the condition. Jessica’s insights on how constraints can foster focus offer a fresh perspective on dealing with life’s challenges.

Finally, we delve into Jessica’s empowering work through Living Well With Epilepsy, a platform she created to support those living with the condition. Having managed epilepsy for over two decades, she understands the isolation that societal stigma can bring and stresses the importance of breaking free from it. Jessica’s message of hope is a powerful reminder that no one is alone in their journey. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that promises to inspire and motivate.

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0:55—Jessica’s current battle with ovarian cancer

2:41—How we initially met

3:20—The stigma of epilepsy today

5:20—The epilepsy numbers could be much higher

7:35—SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy)

9:53—The story of starting Living Well With Epilepsy

12:42—Jessica’s early life in Boston

14:30—Choosing Fordham University and city life

15:00—Getting diagnosed with epilepsy

18:50—Theater and working at record labels

22:22—Eliminating choices to become more focused

23:14—Jessica’s definition of creativity

25:41—Does epilepsy affect creativity?

29:00—The mission of Living Well With Epilepsy

32:49—Epilepsy definition for those who don’t know

39:00—Not wanting to have an exit strategy

44:55—”I have people around who love me.”

46:15—Isolation and epilepsy

52:00—What made me reach out

54:00—What’s next for Jessica

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