On today’s episode of Creative Space, we have the pleasure of speaking with Corey Jones, co-founder and Global Head of Music at TREBEL, one of the fastest-growing music streaming platforms in the world. At the time of this recording (February 4, 2024), the company had grown to 13 million monthly users.

Prior to TREBEL, Corey was on the finance side of things, getting his degree in Economics from Duke, MBA from Stanford and working in investment banking and private equity.

But he’s also a musician, having played bass and guitar in many bands over the years and his passion for music is palpable. Balancing his love for music and business is something we’ll dig into on the podcast, as well as how he was able to make the pivot to blend both of his passions into one career.

We also talk about how artists are the ultimate entrepreneurs and Corey’s philosophy on going the distance with creative projects, work, and life.

For more on Corey and Trebel, visit: trebel.io.

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3:49—Early Life

9:45—Studying for the SATs reading Propagandhi lyrics

11:43—The importance of PMA, what it is, and where it came from

19:24—The parallels between learning guitar and entrepreneurship

25:04—The power of the bass line in Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night Away”

26:52—Mr. Potter’s Big News

30:00—What made Corey decide to study finance

35:00—Getting his entrepreneurial spark at Stanford

36:04—”Artists are the ultimate entrepreneurs.”

40:15—Corey’s definition of creativity.

53:53—How Corey got involved with TREBEL

1:02:00—Hitting 13 million users

1:05:00—Corey’s values when it comes to career